Construction management college in Denver: Build towards a career in less time

Degree Level: Bachelor’s

Build a better future with a bachelor’s degree in construction management! Whether you’re just starting in the construction industry or are a veteran wanting to gain business skills, attending a construction management college in Denver is the first step to take.

Westwood College’s construction management program offers a fast-track education, providing a hands-on approach to training for possible careers in the areas of construction estimating or construction management.

Students in the program learn from faculty members who have real-world experience in the construction industry. Program courses include Building Codes and Inspection, Construction Materials and Methods I & II, and Green Building Trends and Technologies. Westwood’s program offers a Green Building Trends and Technology topics that helps prepare you for the LEED Green Associate certification exam.1

Successful graduates of the program will be able to perform essential management functions along with having valuable skills in site plan analysis, foundation systems and structural design.

The construction management program is available at both the Denver North Campus and Denver South Campus.

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1Westwood College is a member of the U.S Green Building Council.

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