Game art college in Denver: Learn marketable skills

Degree Level: Bachelor’s

What feels even better than beating a video game? Designing your own! Acquire the tools you need to enter the field of character animation, graphic design or video game design in Denver.

The School of Design at Westwood College offers a Graphic Design: Major in Game Art degree that teaches the real-world skills needed to excel in the interactive software industry. Students in the program learn digital color theory, texture mapping and advanced drawing and game analysis from faculty members with years of experience.

Graduates will be able to develop professional 2D and 3D art assets, demonstrate traditional drawing skills and apply digital animation techniques. The coursework also develops the problem solving, logic and project management skills needed to succeed in a competitive business environment.

Westwood offers the game art program at the Denver South Campus. Fill out this form to get started today, and you could create your own digital world in as little as three years!

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