Systems Security college in Denver: Bachelor’s degree in as little as three years

Degree Level: Bachelor’s

Earn a degree from a systems security college in Denver, and you’ll be a step closer to starting a career in a field that helps combat security threats to businesses.

Westwood College offers a bachelor’s degree in information and network technologies: major in systems security. The program trains you in a variety of essential areas, including LAN Security, Internet Security, Securing Business Applications, and Computer Forensics Analysis. Westwood faculty members are experienced professionals who lend years of experience toward providing you with a real-world education.

The program will provide the skills you need to work in possible fields of information security, database administration or network architecture. As a graduate, you will have the ability to design secure networks, secure operating systems and evaluate strategies and policies to protect large networks from fraud. In addition, you will have developed critical real-world skills in logic, problem solving and critical thinking.

Westwood College is a Cisco Networking Academy. Upon completion you your studies, you will be prepared to take the exam for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) professional designation, Microsoft Certified Professional designations and various CompTIA certifications.*

Westwood offers the information technology: major in systems security program at Colorado Denver South Campus.

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*Westwood prepares graduates for certification. Graduates wishing to attain certification must take and pass any applicable tests/exams.

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