Westwood College, Bachelor’s Degree Program, Web Site Design, Colorado

With the internet becoming more and more important in the world, web design and multimedia is becoming increasingly more popular. Westwood College can help you prepare for this exciting field in web site design. Denver is home to Westwood College in Colorado, and provides students the skills needed  in web site design. Colorado campuses of Westwood also provide the necessary skills of design, e-commerce, scripting and authoring.

Students who enroll in our program design and edit e-commerce web sites through current software, and professionally communicate their ideas to team members and collaborators in web site design. Denver is full of dynamic careers to enter into, such as web designer, web administrator, digital project manager and graphic designer/programmer, once you have completed our program.

Westwood combines technical courses with general education courses, including business and management, so students receive the very best training in web site design. Colorado campuses of Westwood also provides general education courses to enhance the student’s education and provide an easy transition into a new career environment; courses include public speaking, career management and basic courses in graphic design. Students receive training beyond their chosen field to ready them for the fast-paced world of web site design. Denver is a competitive market; students who complete the program at Westwood College learn how to apply project planning skills, distinguish the roles of participation in a web design team, create professional web sites with e-commerce elements and publish web design projects.

With the growing demand for web site design, Colorado is waiting for you! Earn your degree in as little as three years at Westwood. Complete this form or call 877.852.6608 for more information on Westwood College in Colorado.

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